Moon Pod

Moon Pod is a Zero-Gravity Float Chair for Stress and Anxiety. Get $100 Off Moon Pod with MOONPOD100, Free Shipping, and Easy Returns!

The Beanbag, Reinvented.

Crescent, The Zero-Gravity Backrest

Meet Moon Pod's new best friend. Using components of Moon Pod technology, we designed Crescent to boost your experience when using it on Moon Pod, and elevate your relaxation when using it anywhere else in your home. Crescent is filled with thousands of high-density beads that work tirelessly, so you don’t have to. Just lean back and relax.

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Sit, Recline, Relax.

Moon Pod is filled with custom made high-friction beads that are encased by supportive shells. The outer shell is a unique blend of materials that holds Moon Pod's shape, and works to actively conform to your body. It's also machine washable!

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Ultimate Relief.

We also engineered Moon Pod to mimic the sensations you would experience during a Flotation Therapy session. Flotation Therapy is a well-known powerful practice used to help those who suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and ADHD. Moon Pod not only supports your body, but also calms your mind.

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Built on Kickstarter, Ready For your Home.

Successfully Funded On Kickstarter in 15 Minutes. We raised Over $1.2 Million from more than 5,000 Backers!

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