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Super Moon is the Moon Pod for two. Stay inside, cozy up, and relax in your Super Moon with a friend. Super Moon is shipping now!

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$499.00 $675.00
Cosmic Ash
Moon Indigo
Space Gray *New*

Super Moon Is Made For Two

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  • When will my order ship?

    Super Moon is currently shipping! Due to Covid-19, shipping times may be delayed. We are working hard to keep our partners, and warehouse team safe during this time.

  • How is Super Moon shipped?

    Super Moon is shipped in two Moon Pod boxes. One of the boxes will have the outer sleeve, and the instructions of how to assemble the product. The other box will simply have a Moon Pod white filled inner sleeve.

  • Do I need to assemble Super Moon?

    Yes, since the product is too large to ship through UPS as a finished product, we ask the customer to assemble the product. It's pretty simple actually -- just unzip the outer sleeve, slide the two filled inner sleeves into the outer sleeve side by side, and zip up the outer sleeve!

    Pro Tip: The zipper on the outer sleeve should line up with the longway of the filled inner sleeves.

  • How big is the Super Moon?

    The Super Moon is basically the size of two full Moon Pods. 

    Since Moon Pod is an amorphous shape, its dimensions will vary. However, the approximate dimensions for Super Moon Pod are about 50-56 inches in height, x 40-48 inches wide, and 40-48 inches deep. As you sit on the product and it widens, the products gets shorter.  

  • What do I get when I order a Super Moon Pod?

    You will receive 2 pods, and a Super Moon Pod outer cover that encases both inner pods. We have two colors avialable for the outer cover at this point - Moon Indigo and Cosmic Ash.

  • What is the return policy for the Super Moon pre-order?

    All return requests should be submitted to

    All returns should be submitted within 14 from the day of delivery. Any return request after 14 days from the day of delivery cannot be considered.

    Please do not submit exchange requests through our returns portal. If you have an exchange request due to any reason please email directly. There is no need to submit an exchange request through our returns portal.

    If and when a return is authorized, you'll receive step-by-step instructions. We retain the right to deny any return request. If your return is authorized, you are responsible for the return shipping costs, a re-stocking fee, and additional fees from products that are damaged or where the original packaging is damaged.

    You must obtain an RMA number in order for to credit your account.

    Returns must be properly and safely packaged to ensure all products arrive in new condition. Returns that are improperly packaged may cause damage to the item. If the item (including the sleeve) is opened or damaged, we will not be able to offer a full credit for your order.

    Please note; replacement products are eligible only for exchange (if defective), and are not eligible for refund (unless they arrive defective).

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Monique H.
United States United States
The best comfort

I purchased the moon pod for my son. He loves it so much that I barely get a chance to sit on it. I love that I know exactly where he is when it's quiet.

A Moon Pod Customer
United States United States
Everyone in our family loves these

When I saw the notice for the initial moonpod release, we bought two right away and eagerly awaited their arrival. They came about the same time we had our first human addition to the family (baby girl). They've been a blessing for feeding our baby and letting her learn to sit up safely with the moonpod surrounding her and supporting her as she explored the world! For two years now the beds have been fantastic for working which was my primary motivation for ordering these as I work from home as does my husband. And, our dog loves them too. She's always had a bean bag dog bed because what good dog owner doesn't find the biggest possible bed for their beloved child (yes dogs are children!). Anyways, we dumped our old bean bag and kept the cover on it to get our dog adjusted to the moonpods and she took to them right away! She often comes out of the bedroom from her slumber and stares at me until I get out of the moonpod and then she hops on it. If I try to join her she gives me side eye and I retreat to the other moonpod :) Hence we were excited about the super moonpod to fit the entire family. Or at least part of it since we all like having our own pod! Now we have a sea of moonpods in our living room with the super and two regular moonpods and we love it. We are ditching our couch ASAP (as soon as I feel like dragging it outside in this heat!)... and we plan to just use moonpods and a recliner for seating in our living room. They're so easy to move and so comfortable, why not! And with a toddler now we need space (space is hard to come by in NYC) so we use the moonpods because they can be stacked and put out of the way so easily unlike a couch and traditional furniture. Sometimes I toss them on the stairs to get them out of the way if we need the entire living room. I recommend replacement covers so you can send them to the wash regularly (if you have kids / dog / messy parents)... and I especially like the darker colored covers. We also have two crescents. One we use as advertised. Another we stuck inside the cover of a moonpod to make it super rigid (we balled the crescent up on the end and that moonpod is super firm now for those that like a really firm experience. And I've got preorders for the lyfts (and I already nuked our ottoman in anticipation of yet another addition to our living room that can be easily moved unlike the automan). And I'm looking forward to the moonpals... got one on pre-order. My daughter will love it! I can't recommend these products enough. Some say they're expensive. First, they aren't... we have a $1500 couch and it sucks in comparison to the comfort of moonpods and our super moonpod only cost us $499 to replace our couch. We could get three supers and still not pay more than our couch cost and have triple the seating capacity. Second, if you want cheap, traditional, rigid, heavy, garbage quality furniture that's uncomfortable... you might save a few bucks. But why? Please, MoonPod keep at it! Pictured: 1. Pax next to me on the new super moonpod. 2. Pax, myself and Isabel on the super moonpod, plenty of space! 3. Pax on the sidecar (regular sized moonpod).

Moon Pod SUPER MOON POD ReviewMoon Pod SUPER MOON POD ReviewMoon Pod SUPER MOON POD Review
Alex B.
United States United States

Thumbs up

A Moon Pod Customer
Thammanit P.
United States United States
The most relaxing seat in the house.

My wife and I love super moon pod. We use it in our screen in porch for reading, gaming and napping. In addition, it is portable and we sometimes use it in living room as well.

Lucienne d.
United States United States
Moon pod enthusiast

I love my moon pod so much I then bought the super moon pod after...and have convinced 2 people to get super moon pods. At first I was super disappointed because I thought it was just an expensive bean bag but once you’re in it for 3 minutes, you realize it’s the best thing in the world. I wish the price was cheaper, even with the %25 it’s expensive. But overall, very pleased with the product.

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