Frequently Asked Questions

For all general inquiries please email


  • I have a general question about my order.

    Please email all inquiries to with your order number.

  • When will my order ship?

    You will receive an email notification with tracking information as soon as your package is ready to ship*. Our current processing window is up to 5 days due to Covid-19 safety restrictions. 

    We do not ship packages on Weekends.

    If you are pre-ordering a product, please see the delivery date on the respective product page. 

    *NOTE: Due to the high volumes that shipping services are experiencing this holiday season, we can not guarantee holiday delivery. We’ll do our best, but we think you’ll agree that Moon Pod is worth the wait. (Delay does not apply to gift cards.)

  • I have a question about my order that is in transit.

    If you have questions about an order that is already in transit, please email us at

    If the order has been proven lost in transit, please verify by using your tracking information link and number. After contacting your shipping carrier, please then contact us at

  • Do you ship Moon Pod Internationally?

    Nope, sorry! Initially, Moon Pod will be available only in the United States.

  • Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

    Yes! We now ship to Alaska and Hawaii. We offer shipping $125 per unit for each additional Moon Pod to either state. 

    We apologize we cannot offer free shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. Even, after charging the additional price, Moon Pod is paying covering a significant portion of the shipping cost to either state.

  • Do you ship to P.O. boxes and military addresses?

    No. Unfortunately, due to carrier preferences, we're unable to ship to P.O. boxes and military addresses at this time.


  • What are the dimensions of Moon Pod?

    Moon Pod is an amorphous shape, thus, its dimensions will vary. However, the approximate dimensions are about 50-56 inches x 20-24 inches x 20-24 inches. As you sit on the product and it widens, the products gets shorter.  

    Additionally, when you lay in Moon Pod it conforms to your body, making a crescent shape. This shape allows Moon Pod to hold much more surface area than it's standalone dimensions.

  • How much does Moon Pod weigh?

    One of the best things about Moon Pod is that it’s actually super light! Each Moon Pod weighs about 12 pounds. Because Moon Pod is human filled (not by machine) there can be variance in the weight of your Moon Pod.  

  • Does Moon Pod require assembly upon arrival?

    The only assembly required will be to slip the outer sleeve on the filled pod. 

    It's not difficult, however we do recommend that you ask a friend for some help while slipping on the cover to ensure you do not damage the product. 

    We will include a simple instruction manual in the shipping box. 

  • Are your products machine washable?

    Both Moon Pod's and Crescent's outer shells are a proprietary blend of fabric that is machine washable in cold water with similar colors. To dry either outer shell, tumble-dry on low heat.

  • Will my pet like Moon Pod?

    It's likely that your dog or cat may have found his or her new favorite chair! 

  • Does the fill get compressed over time?

    Moon Pod's materials are brand new and made to last for years! Over the course of many years if you feel your Moon Pod sagging a bit, just remove the outer cover and give it a wash via the instructions above. If the issue persists, please email us at and we'll be sure to help you out!

  • How long will my Moon Pod last?

    Moon Pod is made to last, with durable products that will withstand the test of time! If there’s ever a change in experience please reach out to our cx team at, and we’ll work toward a solution.

  • Where is Moon Pod made?

    To ensure the most cost-efficient production we’ve chosen to partner with a manufacturer in Asia to produce the outer and inner shells.

    For the inner filling and assembly, we partnered with manufacturers right here in the US to fill, assemble and ship Moon Pod right to your door!

  • What are the height and weight restrictions of Moon Pod?

    Moon Pod is made from a super supportive material, and is able to support upwards of 300 pounds. Additionally, Moon Pod has been tested on a wide range of users, and those up to 6'8'' have found comfort in Moon Pod!

  • What is the inner fill made out of?

    Moon Pod is filled with a custom density bead. Moon Pod's inner fill is brand new and will last for years.

    We're proud to say that we've partnered with a fully sustainable manufacturer that recycles all of their unused materials from every other type of project they work on into each subsequent project.

  • Why does the zipper on the inner bag not have a pull tab?

    The inner zipper does not have a pull tab to comply with product safety laws. 

    The auto-locking zipper can be opened only by placing a paperclip inside the zipper hole. 

    The only reason to open your inner sleeve is to remove or add beads to your Moon Pod, otherwise, we do not recommend that you open the inner sleeve unless you are refilling your product.

  • Can my Moon Pod be used by babies or small children?

    While our bean bags are super comfortable, inviting sleep and everyday comfort to users, they are not appropriate for use by infants as a risk of suffocation could exist. Your safety is important to us!

    Always follow safe sleep tips furnished by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. For more information, please visit



Returns and Exchange Policy

  • What is the returns and refunds policy?

    All return requests should be submitted to

    All returns should be submitted within 14 from the day of delivery. Any return request after 14 days from the day of delivery cannot be considered.

    Please do not submit exchange requests through our returns portal. If you have an exchange request due to any reason please email directly. There is no need to submit an exchange request through our returns portal.

    If and when a return is authorized, you'll receive step-by-step instructions. We retain the right to deny any return request. If your return is authorized, you are responsible for the return shipping costs, a re-stocking fee, and additional fees from products that are damaged or where the original packaging is damaged.

    You must obtain an RMA number in order for to credit your account.

    Returns must be properly and safely packaged to ensure all products arrive in new condition. Returns that are improperly packaged may cause damage to the item. If the item (including the sleeve) is opened or damaged, we will not be able to offer a full credit for your order.

    Please note; replacement products are eligible only for exchange (if defective), and are not eligible for refund unless they arrive defective.

  • What if I just need a replacement or exchange?

    Please email us directly at with your inquiry, and we'll work it out!

    With proper use your Moon Pod products should last for several years. If you need additional beads for your product they will be available for purchase soon!

    Please note; replacement products are eligible only for exchange (if defective), and are not eligible for refund (unless they arrive defective).

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