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Must-have product

After raising over $1.2 million dollars on Kickstarter, thousands of happy customers are recommending Moon Pod as the MUST-HAVE new product.

Receiving feedback from thousands of happy customers made it clear; reducing stress and anxiety is more important today than ever before, and there are simply not enough products on the market that utilize scientific findings to help our society relax.

'The most comfortable thing you will ever sit in. Period.'

5 Reasons You Need Moon Pod

#1 It Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety

We designed Moon Pod to be your destination for ultimate relaxation. Researchers found links between reduced chronic stress and increased cardiovascular health and rest is crucial in reducing levels of stress and anxiety.

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#2 It Mimics Flotation Therapy

Moon Pod delivers a weightless sensation engineered to mimic the floating sensation felt during a REST or Flotation Therapy session.

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, or REST, has shown positive preliminary results in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

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#3 You Will Feel Weightless

We wanted your experience on Moon Pod to feel weightless. With its custom engineered EPS bead and the unique fabric blend of the outer shell, Moon Pod’s elements work together to eliminate every pressure point on your body.

The result? You’ll feel like you’re floating.

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#5 Affordability

Currently, Moon Pod is $100 off future retail price, and costs just $299 with free shipping. There's also a financing option to pay over time for as little as $26 per month.

Love Sac
Floorspace4 Sq Ft25 Sq Ft10 Sq Ft7.2 Sq Ft
FillCustom Blend of Recyclable High Density BeadsMix Of Miscellaneous FoamLow-Quality Recycled PolystyreneN/A
Weight12 Lbs45 Lbs18 Lbs88 Lbs
FeatureErgonomic design, easy storageExpensive, difficult to storeDefined support, difficult to cleanHeavy, difficult to store, expensive

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Ultimately, relaxing on Moon Pod is an experience you've never felt before.

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