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How We Re-Engineered The Beanbag

The most comfortable thing you'll ever sit in.


    The dual shell membrane provides a soft and stretchy, yet supportive structure engineered to respond to any body shape and movement.


    Filled with responsive high-density beads, Moon Pod mimics the sensations of Flotation Therapy. Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, or REST, has shown positive preliminary results in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


    Through unparalleled support and adaptive flexibility, Moon Pod helps relieve back and neck pain while you rest.


    Weighing just 12 lbs, and taking up only 4 square feet, Moon Pod is incredibly easy to move around and store anywhere.

The Anti-Anxiety Float Chair

Unlike traditional beanbags, Moon Pod is uniquely engineered to support any body shape for maximum comfort and relaxation.

On Moon Pod You Float, You Don't Sink

You can choose to float on Moon Pod, or sink into the other products

Moonpod Lovesac Regular Premium Beanbag Chair Recliner
Price $299 $850 $369 $849
Floorspace 4 Sq Ft 25 Sq Ft 10 Sq Ft 7.2 Sq Ft
Fill High-Friction Custom Beads Mix Of Miscellaneous Foam Low-Quality Recycled Polystyrene N/A
Weight 12 Lbs 45 Lbs 18 Lbs 88 Lbs

Ready To Order, But Have Questions?

When will my order ship?
Immediately. If ordered before 2pm ET, your order will ship same-day. If after 2pm ET, your order will ship the next day. We ship six days per week (except Sundays).
What are the dimensions of Moon Pod?
Moon Pod is an amorphous shape, thus, its dimensions will vary. However, the approximate dimensions are about 56 inches x 22 inches x 22 inches.
Is Moon Pod machine washable?
Moon Pod’s outer shell is a proprietary blend of fabric that is completely machine washable in cold water with similar colors. To dry Moon Pod’s outer shell, tumble-dry on low heat.
Will my pet like Moon Pod?
It's likely that your pet might just love it. Our unique blend of materials comfortable for both humans and animals alike.
What is the inner fill made out of?
Moon Pod is filled with a custom density EPS bead. Moon Pod’s inner fill is brand new and will last for years. We’re proud to say that we’ve partnered with with a fully sustainable manufacturer that recycles all of their unused materials from every other type of project they work on into each subsequent project.
What is the refund policy for Moon Pod?
Because of the extensive discounts that we’re offering in our current campaigns we are unable to offer a return policy for Moon Pod at this time. We do not anticipate it, however, if there are any issues with the product in transit, we will look into each case on an individual basis.

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